Even though it doesn’t burn wood logs, your fireplace still requires regular maintenance and gas fireplace service to ensure that it burns safely and cleanly.

Just because your gas fireplace is off for the season doesn’t mean it should sit neglected. Just like a car or other appliance, it should be periodically turned on and off to ensure that nothing has broken or been damaged. The end of the season is one of the best times to have your annual maintenance check – not only will we be able to see you quickly, but any issues can be promptly dealt with and prevented from worsening over the summer months.

Some of the common signs that your gas fireplace needs repair or servicing are merely annoying, but others could have health and safety consequences for you or your family.

The top four signs your gas fireplace needs repair are:

1. Rotten Egg Smell **IMPORTANT**

When you smell rotten eggs in your home it means there is a gas leak somewhere – what you’re smelling is mercaptan, a harmless additive to the otherwise odourless natural gas. If you smell gas, stop what you’re doing and leave your home immediately, calling your natural gas provider as soon as you’re in the fresh air.

2. Pilot Light Problems

When your gas fireplace’s pilot light frequently goes out or refuses to stay lit, it’s often a sign that something is wrong with a part called the thermopile and it needs replacing. It could also indicate problems with your wiring – both of these are serious issues that need prompt repair.

3. Soot

In a wood-burning fireplace, soot is an inevitable part of use, but in a gas fireplace soot could be the sign of a serious problem. It can indicate issues with the logs, the interior of the fireplace, or with your venting. If you spot soot, your gas fireplace needs professional attention as soon as possible.

4. On/Off Malfunctions

This is one of the most irritating signs that there’s something wrong with your fireplace and can be indicative of a range of problems from carbon buildup to breezes to a worn out millivolt generator.

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